The regression to the beggininng

In the beginning of the world, Adam and eve were naked but as the Holy scripture puts it, immediately, their eyes were opened after eating the forbidden fruit, they became ashamed of themselves and they committed the first act of environmental degradation by plucking leaves (abusing the habitat) in order to clothe themselves. However, here we are, more than four millenniums after this occurrence and I cannot really grasp the logic of what transpired.
Our world is in a bad state, no doubt, but I still cannot find a term to describe the latest trend and wave of occurrences all around me. NUDITY is suddenly being celebrated and our sense of morality seem to have been flushed into extinction. Daily, our celebrities pose nude online and they receive applauses for this. Daily our female skirts become shorter and they also receive praises for this that I start wondering where did we get it wrong? or probably where did we get it right?.
The average female student come to class in a gown that would not even pass for a dinner wear. Yet we do not see anything wrong in this. The society has been infiltrated with this anomaly to the extent that individuals who do not conform with this trend are seen as the odd ones.
The implication of this “behavioural revolution” cannot be overemphasized as the society is already feeling it in terms of increased rape, incest, sex molest and sex abuse cases. If an “innocent” individual cannot walk an hour on our street without having seen enough “__”, then I guess we must find another definition for the freedom of movement. This is not to say that our supposed ‘civilization” is a bad thing entirely, it’s just that if things continue this way, then we must ask ourselves “IS THE WORLD REALLY GOING TO AN END OR ARE WE RETRACING OUR STEPS BACK TO THE BEGINNING”….



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