Hope For The Nigerian Youth


           Coming back from class on this fateful day, I overheard two students of this prestigious university talking how desperate they are to travel abroad. This being a common phenomenon within our youths today didn’t bother me, but what caught my attention was when one of them said I’ll rather go abroad, work five shifts a day, earn a dollar than rot in this country. Deep down I wished his partner would reproach him but to my utter disappointment he replied Oga me I no get time for that one, when I get there I will marry a rich old lady, wait till she dies then inherit her properties. These are two able bodied Nigerian youths would have given up in the fatherland, the country that fathers fought to save and you ask me if there is any hope for the Nigerian youth? Ogunsanya oluwatosin is my name representing the premier hall, Kenneth Mellanby.

                Just like the beggar that sits by the road side praying that you find it in your heart to drop a polymer note in its outstretched hand, we been paralyzed by our lack of vision, a generation with no mission, proudly bearing the NFA badge on our chest no future ambition. Like the football in the game of soccer we’ve allowed ourselves been kicked about by the economic situation of our nation on one side and our ugly leaders on the other, praying that the lesser of the two evils win, just like a mere commodity we have allow the forces of demand and supply dictates our future, yet we clamor we are the leaders of tomorrow but our tomorrow never ends.

                A lion would never eat grass no matter the condition of the jungle I’ve been told but our lion is not only satisfy with eating grass but have moved on to eating on the refuse dump. He’s are satisfied with being the peacock that watches the eagle soar, attractive on the outside but clueless on the inside. His voice is heard only when he argues about his favorite football club, the latest in music industry and the craziest fashion trend but never in matters of national development, yet he blames his leaders who by their actions have pushed him to the wall due to his inactions, expecting a change when the most important ingredient is missing, the agent.

 In the words of TY Bello we are the future but as it stands our future is bleak, truly the mighty has fallen but the youths have also refused to rise, believing the grass is greener at the other side but we forget how green the grass is depend on how well its watered. The raw materials present in our country isn’t what makes our nation, rather is the youths, the milk and honey we’ve heard of signifies the beauty of the youths and the sweetness that they exudes. The pride of our nation is the ability of the youths to rise above our situation and surpass any limitation and to take an active part in steering our nation towards its destination. For in a situation that our nation can’t build a future for our generation then our generation must build a future for our nation.


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