The Past






Sitting here all by myself,

No true friends,

Left behind by everyone ,

Like a backpack,

Always strapped at the back,


The days I was good,

The good ole days,

But you always wish for better days,

Days when I brought smiles to your face

When everything was perfect,

But you never appreciated me enough.


You all remember the bad days,

Forgetting that everyone is entitled to days like that,

An I’m no exception,

Gave you my best,

Only capitalized on your mistakes,

My tears you cry,

Had I known,

Only if I knew,

Those words aren’t new


Everyone leaves me behind,

Pretending like I never existed,

Never look back is the motto

A bitch they call me,

Who gives a hoot what we shared together,

We are no longer a couple

Learnt my lessons,

And never again shall we be together.


Concentrate on the future,

He is hope,

Cute, tall and handsome,

He is bright,

Knight in shinning armor,

He will charge into the castle,

And slay the evil thoughts of your past,

 Presenting you a new horizons,



This what fate has bestowed upon me,

That’s my destiny





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