The end of the year is fast approaching and its time to loosen up and get in the groove. Here is a compilation of some movies I saw this year, pls do enjoy it


Jack and Jill were In time

To watch from the Iron sky

The visiting Avengers

Who were suffering from dark shadows


I would rather play Hunger games

If not for the Men in black

That made my Mission impossible

Even Snow white and her huntsmen

Couldn’t stop the Abduction

At twilight


Mirror Mirror, where is Dr Seuss’s Lorax

At 21 Jump street I guess,

Crazy stupid love couldn’t save Paul from the Green hornet.

The wrath of the titans

Made Hanna cry


On the 15th The ides of March

The Tactical force

Unwrapped the mystery of Flypaper

The rich Richie rich wished

Shrek was handsome, but he replied

That’s what I am


Year one, the Zookeeper couldn’t find his date

Only Bending the rules could help him

Think like a man

American pie taught him,

The chronicle of John carter

Brought about Johnny English reborn

The lucky one


The girl with the dragon tattoo had no clue

Project X existed,

So she needed the help of the Immortals

The Killer elites

 Who murdered Five girls

Who were without their Hall pass

 When they made The vow


Don’t be afraid of the dark

Because it’s a lonely place to die,

Anger management issues

Like I’m 17 again

Searching for the Kill list

To kidnap the Modern family

Getting played at burlesque,

Despite being courageous at the darkest hour,

Maybe because I was knocked up,

By John carter


Dorian gray’s good deeds didn’t make him thick,

Enough for Megamind,

Cos he expected him to have defeated the Ghost rider

Whose happy feet couldn’t match that of the Green lantern


Raise your voice and make a joyful noise

Like the birds in Rio

Be a role model for Sherlock Holmes


Guess who,

The players are about to go on stage

For real steel,

Just go with it they told,

The man on the ledge


Would you like to go on a Tower heist,

Ted asked Puss in boot

Definitely maybe he replied

What if it’s guarded,

No one would trespass with the dictator,

The A team replied


The pink panther was caught cheating on his wife

Seeking a friend for the end of the world,

He told them,

The princess protection program wasn’t my idea

Rather it was to keep the Smurfs safe


We bought a zoo

Hired the incredible hulk as our guard

Told stories bout the dolphins tale

And that of the amazing Spiderman


Yours, mine and ours

The help told me

These kids would spend their xmas in wonderland

In order to help the baby on board


Swing vote,

Daddy’s little girl has a decision to make,

If not she will be Hitman’s next target,

Not that he has a choice

He has to protect his daughters Ramona and Beezus.


At the inception,

The holiday was boring,

Until Rango came along,

As funny as he is,

He couldn’t get an Easy A in his comedy test.  







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