Welcomed with much love

Soul filled with love

Glad we’ve had seen a new year

Seasons greetings filled our ears

Merry sounds from every where

Every corner drank and shared

The lord has done us a new thing

Let’s dance and sing


It came down on us like a friend

Loved like no other

Like a race

Silk as lace

Moved gallantly yet fast

Just like its predecessor

He had its moments

Gave us torments

But spared us its ailments


Joy mixed with happiness it was filled with

Gladness beyond the ocean’s width

Its days were like silver

Months like gold

The year itself diamonds

Shinning bright

To those who could its light

Made our ride worthwhile

Even while its passengers groan along the way

He remained a steadfast driver

As he zooms along the away

Making way for opportunities


As it final days beckons

As it day reaches its twilight

I’ll miss it

Because it was a true friend

And my love for you will know no end

Cos you gave me opportunities

That will ensure continuity

Along the path of my destiny

I wish you rest peacefully

In the abode of your ancestors,

Till we meet again

Say me well to your brother 2013




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