Beautiful and strong
The peacock and the lion
Wanna see everything
Have a taste of every thing life offers
But not wanting to suffer

Like the rose, beautiful are its petals
Strong as metals
The craddle of his years
The saddle his life sits upon
As he paddle thru the mighty ocean
To determine his fate

He’s told in every corners
That his destiny in his hands
To make a stand
Fight all obstacles
Break free from societal shackles
Face life head on
as he travels along

His path to destiny isn’t that far
But one u can’t see afar
Close to him
Yet miles away
Only his action could help
Persistence, determination and patience
Should be his friends
His relationship with hardwork must know no end
Only then will his period of beauty and strength be put to proper use
And his old age will be devoid of excuses
Cos hez youth, though beautiful yet can bring about a pitiful end
If not managed wisely.


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