The pain at childbirth
The joy of the birth
It’s a girl the doctor said
The beautiful smile from her mother
The joyous expression from her father
The world welcomes this beauty

Little did she know that this world
Have little appreciation of her
That she’s just a passenger
No one told her all she had to go through
That she would be consider a weakling
Cos she would prefer dresses to short
That her toys would be dolls
Instead of cars
Cos she would cry when some one mistreated her
Instead of fight
That she would sit in the front of our class
And pay attention
Rather than sit at the back
And make noise
Even though she’s beautiful
She would be labeled ugly
Because some people wants to laugh

Growing up
Her teenage years will be filled with loads of decision
What to wear, at what time and to what place
And the punishment for her not getting pregnant
Is a monthly rain of blood from her pubic area
And pain to accompany it
Little did she know that
She would be labeled a nerd
If she dressed decently and her grades were up
And she keeps her till marriage
But when she indulges in sex,
Party with her friends
She would be consider a whore

When she finally gets into a relationship
All the guy wants is to get in her pants
Daily depositing his lies
To her fragile heart
And when she finally agrees
Her heart is broken
Her trust in men diminishes
And all she’s left with is lies
When Mr. Right comes along
Her past beckons
Her memories haunt
She accused of mistrust
Just because she refuses
To make the same mistake twice

She didn’t know she is a possible victim of rape
Just because some one can’t control his orgies
That walking home from her daily endeavors
She can be groped at the corner of a dimly light street
By a strange man
Molested or raped just so he can fulfill his sexual cravings
And left for dead just because she is a woman
Or sexual harassed just because she is gorgeous

More surprisingly her workplace isn’t left out
She would be considered second fiddle
Because it’s a man world
She would have to walk an extra mile
In other to compete
Cos she’s believed to be weak,
Even her religion perceives her as a subordinate
Instead of being her own woman
The society she lives in judges her based on her gender
And her femininity stands as her greatest obstacle in life.

Every  woman deserve our attention and protection, hidden behind those beautiful faces and smiles are tears, heartbreaks, insecurities, fears and societal limitations, they are no sex toys or weaklings, neither are they liabilities. They are beautiful, strong and fearless and after each tear there is a woman clinging on to the promise of hope and fighting daily for her voice to be heard in this cruel world. 


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