A delightful fantasy,
Sometimes far fetched
But achievable
A thread of the future
In everyone’s minds
A hope of a better tomorrow
That brings smile to your face
A dream

I want to be rich and famous
Relevant and prosperous
Mighty and powerful
All this I conceive in my little heart
These thought keeps me awake all night

Looking up at the sky
Faraway they seem
Yet so close
If only my tongue could touch my nose
Then my dreams might come true
And my hopes won’t be dashed

Cheap are its virtues,
Yet it comes with a price
Work, work and work are his demands
Have a little faith its preaches
You can if you want to
Its motto
Persistence and determination its watchword.




The pain at childbirth
The joy of the birth
It’s a girl the doctor said
The beautiful smile from her mother
The joyous expression from her father
The world welcomes this beauty

Little did she know that this world
Have little appreciation of her
That she’s just a passenger
No one told her all she had to go through
That she would be consider a weakling
Cos she would prefer dresses to short
That her toys would be dolls
Instead of cars
Cos she would cry when some one mistreated her
Instead of fight
That she would sit in the front of our class
And pay attention
Rather than sit at the back
And make noise
Even though she’s beautiful
She would be labeled ugly
Because some people wants to laugh

Growing up
Her teenage years will be filled with loads of decision
What to wear, at what time and to what place
And the punishment for her not getting pregnant
Is a monthly rain of blood from her pubic area
And pain to accompany it
Little did she know that
She would be labeled a nerd
If she dressed decently and her grades were up
And she keeps her till marriage
But when she indulges in sex,
Party with her friends
She would be consider a whore

When she finally gets into a relationship
All the guy wants is to get in her pants
Daily depositing his lies
To her fragile heart
And when she finally agrees
Her heart is broken
Her trust in men diminishes
And all she’s left with is lies
When Mr. Right comes along
Her past beckons
Her memories haunt
She accused of mistrust
Just because she refuses
To make the same mistake twice

She didn’t know she is a possible victim of rape
Just because some one can’t control his orgies
That walking home from her daily endeavors
She can be groped at the corner of a dimly light street
By a strange man
Molested or raped just so he can fulfill his sexual cravings
And left for dead just because she is a woman
Or sexual harassed just because she is gorgeous

More surprisingly her workplace isn’t left out
She would be considered second fiddle
Because it’s a man world
She would have to walk an extra mile
In other to compete
Cos she’s believed to be weak,
Even her religion perceives her as a subordinate
Instead of being her own woman
The society she lives in judges her based on her gender
And her femininity stands as her greatest obstacle in life.

Every  woman deserve our attention and protection, hidden behind those beautiful faces and smiles are tears, heartbreaks, insecurities, fears and societal limitations, they are no sex toys or weaklings, neither are they liabilities. They are beautiful, strong and fearless and after each tear there is a woman clinging on to the promise of hope and fighting daily for her voice to be heard in this cruel world. 


Beautiful and strong
The peacock and the lion
Wanna see everything
Have a taste of every thing life offers
But not wanting to suffer

Like the rose, beautiful are its petals
Strong as metals
The craddle of his years
The saddle his life sits upon
As he paddle thru the mighty ocean
To determine his fate

He’s told in every corners
That his destiny in his hands
To make a stand
Fight all obstacles
Break free from societal shackles
Face life head on
as he travels along

His path to destiny isn’t that far
But one u can’t see afar
Close to him
Yet miles away
Only his action could help
Persistence, determination and patience
Should be his friends
His relationship with hardwork must know no end
Only then will his period of beauty and strength be put to proper use
And his old age will be devoid of excuses
Cos hez youth, though beautiful yet can bring about a pitiful end
If not managed wisely.



Welcomed with much love

Soul filled with love

Glad we’ve had seen a new year

Seasons greetings filled our ears

Merry sounds from every where

Every corner drank and shared

The lord has done us a new thing

Let’s dance and sing


It came down on us like a friend

Loved like no other

Like a race

Silk as lace

Moved gallantly yet fast

Just like its predecessor

He had its moments

Gave us torments

But spared us its ailments


Joy mixed with happiness it was filled with

Gladness beyond the ocean’s width

Its days were like silver

Months like gold

The year itself diamonds

Shinning bright

To those who could its light

Made our ride worthwhile

Even while its passengers groan along the way

He remained a steadfast driver

As he zooms along the away

Making way for opportunities


As it final days beckons

As it day reaches its twilight

I’ll miss it

Because it was a true friend

And my love for you will know no end

Cos you gave me opportunities

That will ensure continuity

Along the path of my destiny

I wish you rest peacefully

In the abode of your ancestors,

Till we meet again

Say me well to your brother 2013



The end of the year is fast approaching and its time to loosen up and get in the groove. Here is a compilation of some movies I saw this year, pls do enjoy it


Jack and Jill were In time

To watch from the Iron sky

The visiting Avengers

Who were suffering from dark shadows


I would rather play Hunger games

If not for the Men in black

That made my Mission impossible

Even Snow white and her huntsmen

Couldn’t stop the Abduction

At twilight


Mirror Mirror, where is Dr Seuss’s Lorax

At 21 Jump street I guess,

Crazy stupid love couldn’t save Paul from the Green hornet.

The wrath of the titans

Made Hanna cry


On the 15th The ides of March

The Tactical force

Unwrapped the mystery of Flypaper

The rich Richie rich wished

Shrek was handsome, but he replied

That’s what I am


Year one, the Zookeeper couldn’t find his date

Only Bending the rules could help him

Think like a man

American pie taught him,

The chronicle of John carter

Brought about Johnny English reborn

The lucky one


The girl with the dragon tattoo had no clue

Project X existed,

So she needed the help of the Immortals

The Killer elites

 Who murdered Five girls

Who were without their Hall pass

 When they made The vow


Don’t be afraid of the dark

Because it’s a lonely place to die,

Anger management issues

Like I’m 17 again

Searching for the Kill list

To kidnap the Modern family

Getting played at burlesque,

Despite being courageous at the darkest hour,

Maybe because I was knocked up,

By John carter


Dorian gray’s good deeds didn’t make him thick,

Enough for Megamind,

Cos he expected him to have defeated the Ghost rider

Whose happy feet couldn’t match that of the Green lantern


Raise your voice and make a joyful noise

Like the birds in Rio

Be a role model for Sherlock Holmes


Guess who,

The players are about to go on stage

For real steel,

Just go with it they told,

The man on the ledge


Would you like to go on a Tower heist,

Ted asked Puss in boot

Definitely maybe he replied

What if it’s guarded,

No one would trespass with the dictator,

The A team replied


The pink panther was caught cheating on his wife

Seeking a friend for the end of the world,

He told them,

The princess protection program wasn’t my idea

Rather it was to keep the Smurfs safe


We bought a zoo

Hired the incredible hulk as our guard

Told stories bout the dolphins tale

And that of the amazing Spiderman


Yours, mine and ours

The help told me

These kids would spend their xmas in wonderland

In order to help the baby on board


Swing vote,

Daddy’s little girl has a decision to make,

If not she will be Hitman’s next target,

Not that he has a choice

He has to protect his daughters Ramona and Beezus.


At the inception,

The holiday was boring,

Until Rango came along,

As funny as he is,

He couldn’t get an Easy A in his comedy test.  








10 things you need to know as a public speaker

Know the room.
Be familiar with the place in which you will speak.
Arrive early, walk around the speaking area and practice using the microphone and any visual aids.

Know the audience.
Greet some of the audience as they arrive.
It’s easier to speak to a group of friends than to a group of strangers.

Know your material.
Practice your speech and revise it if necessary.
If you’re not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable with it, your nervousness will increase.

Ease tension by doing exercises.

Visualize yourself giving your speech.
Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear, and assured.
When you visualize yourself as successful, you will be successful.

Realize that people want you to succeed.
They don’t want you to fail.
Audiences want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative, and entertaining.
They are on your side!

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The Past






Sitting here all by myself,

No true friends,

Left behind by everyone ,

Like a backpack,

Always strapped at the back,


The days I was good,

The good ole days,

But you always wish for better days,

Days when I brought smiles to your face

When everything was perfect,

But you never appreciated me enough.


You all remember the bad days,

Forgetting that everyone is entitled to days like that,

An I’m no exception,

Gave you my best,

Only capitalized on your mistakes,

My tears you cry,

Had I known,

Only if I knew,

Those words aren’t new


Everyone leaves me behind,

Pretending like I never existed,

Never look back is the motto

A bitch they call me,

Who gives a hoot what we shared together,

We are no longer a couple

Learnt my lessons,

And never again shall we be together.


Concentrate on the future,

He is hope,

Cute, tall and handsome,

He is bright,

Knight in shinning armor,

He will charge into the castle,

And slay the evil thoughts of your past,

 Presenting you a new horizons,



This what fate has bestowed upon me,

That’s my destiny




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